Our Services

We can solve your hydraulics and pneumatics problems by:

• Joining your design team so that you can tap our vast knowledge

• Delivering 'cosmetic' hoses for customised cars, motorbikes or planes

• Supplying hoses that look right or can be adapted for film sets
• Supplying the best equipment to withstand the required pressures, at the right price with the right shelf life
• Constructing one-off special items or replacements for items that are no longer made
• Producing regular bulk orders for manufacturing companies
• Running stock in your premises


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Custom Hose Assemblies

Depending on your requirements we can build you a custom hose assembly. Our technicians are fully qualified and we produce the best quality customisations to fit whichever pressure and specification you need. 

Film Special Effects

From rams to rain rigs, martinis to propane we have got you covered for all your SFX needs. We have had experience providing expert knowledge and bespoke customisations to the film industry, both in the UK and internationally, for over 25 years. 

Film Set Dressing, Costume & Props

If you are looking for a specific look for a set or prop we can provide a fully bespoke service from providing samples to creating unique assemblies and customisations. Our team have had years of experience providing equipment for space ships, submarines, trains, plains and cars for the big screen.